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    Crimson graphics drivers


      My big gripe with the Crimson Suite is not with the graphics drivers, it's with the control we lost over those drivers. The Video settings are really a mystery. But anyhow ....I installed the Crimson graphics driver only in the AMD version 15.7.1 and I can see performance increases in some of the games I play and movies/videos I watch versus the performance with the Crimson Control Panel options. AMD should consider giving a either/or choice...just like Microsoft did with giving the choice of a 'desktop' mode vs charms...Give me full control of my graphics settings.





      EDIT: I did this through device manager/update driver/'have disk' etc.

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          It is a very good suggestion... for non-crossfirex users.

          I actually tried that with the 15.11.1 beta CCC and the previous Crimson display driver version. All was fine, except ULPS was broken when gaming and watching movies.

          Not a deal-breaker for sure, but important enough for me.


          Most users should benefit from this, so cheers !

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            To me Crimson seems more like a beta than a finished product. Besides lacking much needed features such as advanced overclocking and fan speed options so we won't need to use MSI Afterburner, the Windows 7 version still uses CCC for some of the video settings, and the video settings themselves even lack a working demo.

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              I understand your frustration. Crimson drivers not quite have the full functionality yet of our Catalyst drivers, but we do intend to move over most of the features in a future Crimson driver.

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                @ amdmatt and with due respect,


                Do you honestly think your answer 'I understand your frustration. Crimson drivers not quite have the full functionality yet of our Catalyst drivers, but we do intend to move over most of the features in a future Crimson driver.' is good enough? I mean this in the nicest way and in relation to these questions;


                1. Did AMD really not see that they where potentially setting up users to become frustrated when they (AMD) decided to release 'Crimson' with missing features such as unavailable 'hot keys' or things like user 'Presets' that save but do not hold or work after computer is restarted?
                2. Did AMD not think that users that have been ... erm ... using features in 'CCC' would not want or need those features after installing 'Cimson'?
                3. Regarding those missing features that AMD intend to 'move over' to 'Crimson' or more correctly 'RAS', why where they left out in the first place when it would seem blatantly obvious to many that those features were indeed in use and or needed by users?
                4. What is AMD doing to show users that their genuine concerns or complaints over 'Crimson' are being properly addressed? Very little seems to be happening in these forums or on the AMD website in general to show that AMD is taking these concerns or complaints seriously.


                Frankly, I do not think anyone that is not personally affected can understand the frustration of users having issues caused by changing to 'Crimson' . The admission that 'Crimson drivers not quite have the full functionality yet of our Catalyst drivers' makes AMD look sloppy at best. And, the promise of moving over the missing features in a future 'Crimson' driver when those features should have been available at 'Crimson' launch is unbelievably insulting to customers that have been loyal to AMD for years.


                I hope you not only leave this post in place but also recognise that it is written by a 'fan' of AMD who has great concerns over the launch and handling of 'Cimson'. A 'fan' that has enough technical knowledge to revert to a clean install of 'CCC' or set up a 'hybrid' using 'Crimson' and the old 'CCC' but feels this is a step backwards. (I feel bad for those experiencing issue that have limited technical expertise).


                I have no malice towards you peronally amdmatt or against AMD as a company. In fact, I eagerly await a properly functional and stable version of 'Crimson'. It is just that I am surprised and somewhat frustrated that AMD released a version of 'Crimson' that is clearly meant to be the real deal and not some beta or experiment that is also clearly not fit for purpose in what seems to be more and more cases as is evident in these very forums.


                I respect that moderating a forum is not always easy (been there - done that) and I'm sure you are personally trying to be helpful and professional in handling threads but I stand by my concerns, questions and comments as valid.


                Kindest regards from a concerned user.

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