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What the deuce is going on with this 'Display driver has stopped responding...' thing?

Question asked by anunrhama on Dec 1, 2015
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Can somebody please explain? So, I have R9 380 2GB VRAM card... and every now and then I have this thing where when I'm playing games, the screen will freeze/go black and the game would freeze/crash to desktop and if I manage to get to desktop in time, more often than not, I will be able to catch that 'Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered successfully' notification. I bought this PC a couple of months ago, and I had AMD graphics card and AMD cpu on the previous one as well, but this has never happened before on any of the PCs I had. I've also had Windows 7 installed on the same computer, and the 'error' would appear as well. It does occur when the game is somewhat more demanding, but also it would happen in different situations when there is a problem with the driver (like Unreal Tournament that has a DirectX issue)... There are games that run just fine, and this never happens... But the games in which it does happen, when I lower the settings, the games run smooth with no frame drops, it seems like computer has no problem at all with running them. And then, the moment will come when i'ts loading something... something new, but insignificant happens in the game, and... there you go, we're out.


Now, what interests me is that if you google this problem, there are videos saying you need to go to your regedit and play with the system files there (going to GraphicsDrivers and creating TdrDelay file), or there is a problem with one's RAM, and you need to mess with the sloths on the motherboard. Now I've tried all of that, I've updated all of my drivers, I have Crimson now, and this still happens, with certain games...


I want to know what is that? Is that the way these new graphic cards and drivers are designed to operate when they face overheating or memory leaks, is there a problem with my hardware, how can I check that if it is hardware... Just, if anyone has some info about this, please explain... I'm not even looking for a solution, I'm in peace with it, just want to get to know it. Because there are lot of people on the internet who threat this as software or a hardware error. Thanx in advance.


System specs:


Windows 10 64-bit

MSI Motherboard

Radeon R9-380 2GB VRAM


AMD FX-6300