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screen tearing when coming out of sleep with multiple monitors

Question asked by jrich523 on Dec 1, 2015

Im using 3x24 inch monitors, two are DVI and one is Display Port.

The DP monitor is a Dell and the two DVIs are a Dell (it can do DP, i dont run it that way) and a NEC, I havent install any specific drivers/software for them. When I look in device manager the Dell (cant tell if its the DP or not) and NEC show up by name/model but the second Dell is a generic PnP monitor. If i look in the Radeon Settings Display screen it shows the make/model for all 3.


I have no special settings for the video card and dont over clock the card or MB.


The video card is a MSI R9 290x Lightning running on Windows 10.


The middle and right monitor are DVI and the left is DP. The reason for this is that I'll typically only use the middle monitor and if i use the DP for the left, once I turn it on the desktop spans all 3 monitors. If i use the DP in the middle it doesnt automatically enable/disable the extra monitors.


If I am using all 3 monitors and the monitors go in to sleep, when I wake them the screen starts to tear and flicker on all 3 monitors. It seems to sort of do it in line with the refresh. Its almost like how monitors are shown when viewed through a camera but more like white static rather than smooth bars. I can maybe get a picture/video of it if needed.


I had at first thought it was the card itself but since my wife has the same card i swapped them and found I have the same problem.

We have the exact same PC builds with the only exception being she uses a single monitor and I use 3.


This will also rarely happen randomly, but its almost guaranteed to happen coming out of sleep. Also I think maybe once or twice its happened with just the single monitor, but Im not even certain of that.


I can fix it by turning off the DP monitor and turning it back on.


I had considered it might be a problem with the OS/Drivers since the OS had been upgraded from 8.1 to 10 and I had made a mess of the install so I've reinstalled windows cleanly with the newest drivers yet i still have the same problem.


Any thoughts?