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Refund for broken R9 280X after Crimson Driver locked Fan Speed (Germany)

Question asked by madmatt on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by john007

Since you have no service hotline or german support forum I am going to ask my question here. After updating to the official Crimson driver I was, as many many others, victim of the locked fan speed bug. My fan was locked at 20% fan speed even though I double checked the settings and saved automatic fan speed within the overdrive options. My graphics card was not overclocked nor did I ever overclock it before. (Thought I mentioned it because there are actually some really frightining die hard amd fanboys in other forums who try to blame the user instead of amd) After the fan speed was locked because of the Crimson bug and I played some games I realised, after checking gpu-z, that the gpu temperature went above 90°c. The VRM temperatures must have been a lot higher. There are no artifacts yet but some weird memory errors yesterday. Question is now, since amd is to blame here, how to I get a refund for my graphics card if it dies in the next couple of weeks? Sadly, I don´t live in the States where I would just join the law suit that is most probably coming. Are there plans to compensate users with a broken graphics card because of the Crimson driver or is amd just going silent on the topic? Thought I would never say that but after buying graphics cards for more then 10 years I just think this driver debacle is the beginning of the end of amd. No way they are winning any market share ot trust back after that fiasco.