Dual Graphics Fix AMD A10-5750m

Discussion created by chocobuns on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by gu113

I don't really know if this will work with everyone but this seems to be make dual graphics work with the latest 15.11 Crimson Edition for people with A10-5750m APU. The problem that I encounter is that 15.11 Crimson Edition doesn't seem to detect my 8650g and detects my 8670m and that makes the Dual Graphics not to work. I really like the interface Crimson have rather than the old CCC. So this is what I did:


What you need:

  • Latest Crimson Edition Chipset Driver 15.11
  • 15.11 Crimson Edition Driver
  • Any beta driver you want to use in my case I use 15.10 AMD Driver Beta since 15.11 seems to make some of my games crash.



  • Uninstall all AMD related apps, drivers, programs
  • Restart your system
  • Install Latest Crimson Chipset then Restart
  • Install your Beta Driver in my case I use 15.10 Restart
  • (Optional) You can install AMD Evolve Gaming App but for me I don't use it since it causes some crash on my games.
  • Install the 15.11 Crimson Edition Restart
  • Then your done .