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    r9 380x solarized full screen


      I just upgraded a 460gtx to a new r9 380x because the gtx took a crap. Thing is I am unable to run any games in full screen without the screen being solarized all pink and blue and can barely see anything. Works fine at desktop and in windowed mode even window full screen.  Any ideas what might be causing this?  Bad hdmi cable?

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          It does sound like it could be an issue with the HDMI cable, or perhaps even the HDMI port on the graphics card.


          I would try:

          1. A different, quality, HDMI cable.
          2. Using a different connection to the graphics card, for example DVI or DisplayPort.
          3. A fresh installation of the latest Crimson Beta 15.11.1 drivers.
          4. Ensuring Windows is fully up to date, including all optional and critical updates
          5. Updating your Motherboard bios and Chipset drivers to the latest available.


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