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While i am playing a game, or seeing a YT video my computer would just Black Screen, i can still hear the audio and the TV look that it has signal

Question asked by mazahakus on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by mazahakus

So while i am playing for example Shadows of Mordor, At the beggining it blacks out a little until a new image comes out, also when i change setting and i try to leave without saving the square that pops up saying "are you sure you want to exit without saving?" Completely blacks out my screen, i cnat do anything, only if i press esc or enter the square will go out and the game video will come up. When i click play i cant see the loading screen, cause it blacks out, i can hear but the video doesnt comes up until i enter to the actual game. The same thing happens with GTA V.


i5 4690k

r9 390 (no oc)

8 gb of ram

600w PS


3 fans with led

Thanks a lot