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My 9370 is dying... which to replace it with?

Question asked by esmea on Nov 30, 2015
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So, it's been a long and weird year.

What started as a 'glitch' while viewing video from any source (browser, optical drive, in games, or even from file) resulted in RMAs on all of my core components except for the CPU and RAM, and full out replacements on many other components.


Each time that I thought I had squished the problem, it reared its ugly head even higher. The problems began to get exponentially worse - going from the video issues, to random instability, to issues with long idle times, to top it all off with arbitrary Black Screens/Freezes if I don't have a game running ASAP and at all times. Each time, I always came out with the problem seeming to be tackled. I've tried everything this time, though, and frankly, I'm done.


I've left out a lot of details about all of the various troubleshooting I've done; after all, it's been a year of this... a LOT has happened, but it all points to the CPU as the culprit, but only through deduction (it's not really a problem that can be tested for any other way without manufacturer resources.)


TLDR; I'm in the market to replace my FX-9370... I definitely don't want another 9370, since it's basically a badly-binned 9590. Should I go for a 9590 (the CPU I intended to buy the first time)? or put up with the slower (but cooler) 8350 for the next year as I wait for Zen?


I still have a few hours left to take advantage of the best prices I've ever seen either of those at...