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screen corruption when installing amd  6850hd driver

Question asked by iraqimaniac on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by iraqimaniac

hello so i was watching youtube vidoes and stuff and then some colored lines began to appear on my screen so i restarted my pc, at the welcome message my screen just turn into blue

corrupted with some black lines

not BSOD its becasue of my vga pretty sure

so i decided to open my case and clean it cause there was some dust over the motherboard and cpu when i cleaned it same thing not fixed

so i decided to format my windows after formatting everything  was good screen ok until i install the amd driver the  same issue happens again

but when i uninstall the amd driver it work perfect or when i run safe mode it works perfect


note before anything of that happened i didn't update the amd catalyst even my windows update was disabled long time ago

asked some forums they told me to update my bios and switch to ahci mode i did that and nothing fixed

so whats the issue is my vga is not working anymore since its been 4 years with me and i never used it to play high graphics games i play only league of legends on and its really light game for my vga to process

my vga amd radeon 6850 hd sapphire

here is a video explaining it more sorry for my bad english its not my native language


30 November 2015 - YouTube