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Things i can not do with the new driver

Question asked by majpay on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by kingfish

I just upgraded from a HD 6870 to a R9 380 Graphics card. When i got asked to upgrade the drivers as well - i did.


Now there are some things - it seems - i can not do anymore.


1) Switching profiles is buggy

The system does not use the correct resolutions, i have one 1920x1200 screen (dvi) and one 1920x1080p hd tv attached via hdmi. With CCC i used profiles to use either cloned 1080p, use only the flat tv or soly the monitor. That worked - now with the new app it does not. The driver is not capeable of saving and loading settings correctly.


2) Turn off monitors
How can i simply deactivate the hd tv output? I dont find an option for that, the new app has no options at all and if i go to advanced settings there is no output configuration anymore (to choose resolution and so on). Some apps will crash because 2 outputs are active at once (Fallout 4 for example). I would have to detach the hdmi plug!? Turning off the TV does not work because the hdmi output is connected via an audio/video receiver that serves 2 output devices (both 1080p).


3) How do i uninstall the "Gaming Evolved" App - i really dont care about that and cant find it in system control, do i have to uninstall the driver and reinstall it with custom settings?


4) Sound did not work - i had to roll back to the older audio driver. When i check the sound output app of windows i see 6 possible hdmi outputs listed and all deactivated - and neither can be activated.


Can you please tell me where to find those settings and how to fix those problems?


My Operating System is Windows 10.