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AMD Radeon R7 200 Problem

Question asked by woodb022 on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by woodb022

Hi Guys,


Right I have a custom built PC and all I have had is problem after problem.

My HDMI is buggered somehow whenever I use it the visual is perfect, but the audio it works for a while then it crackles then starts to sound like 8-bit sound.

So I am stuck using my VGA setup "the visual and audio works fine"

Then came across a new problem, if I was browsing or playing again a pop up message will appear "amd display driver stopped responding and has recovered"

But this would ruin my game and also prevent me to continue to watch a video on youtube, causing me to close it down and start again.


So I took it to the shop where it was built and they ran tests on it.

It passed everything even the stress test and they said its ok.

So I picked it up and tried the HDMI setup.

This time the audio crackles at the end of a sound. "for example at the end of a explosion sound it would crackle"

However it doesnt start to sound like 8-bit.

Then on top of that I get the pop up message again.

I have contacted the AMD team got a reply, replied back and now waiting response "this was over a week ago"

There is obviously something wrong but can slip through without being detected by the tests.


If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it


Kind Regards