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    Oldie but a Goodie (somewhat)



      Old case and PSU. Newer CPU, MOBO, and GPU. All of it is hand me downs from others who have upgraded. But it works & its mine LOL.






      MotherboardGigabyte 990 UD3
      MemoryOCZ 6GB
      GraphicsHD 6670
      Disc Drive 1250 WD
      Disc Drive 2500 WD
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUUltra X3 1000 watt
      CaseCosmos 1000
      MonitorAsus 23"
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          Cool rig! That case is epic (if old lol- but I'm using an older beige case so )

          That PSU tho... Kilowatt will keep even insane OC's on that rig

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            I like that case....very mod able!....some of the pics I've seen on google images are amazing ....

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              Sweet! Welcome to the club bud! That is a pretty decent budget setup, will definitely get you gaming. Also it gets you in the door & you can upgrade from here when the time comes. TBH if you are just interested in gaming on the PC you do not need a super crazy setup. The high end mobos, PSUs, RAM true purpose is to give you better overclockability. If you are not heavily OCing mainstream components will do just as well as the high end ones. For a strictly gaming rig that is not OCed the CPU & GPU are where you want to sink your money & you can go mainstream or entry level on the other parts without losing any performance.

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                  i want to upgrade the GPU , i think that would be fine for now i have overclocked this cpu to 5Ghz and the Backed it down to 4.5Ghz

                  but like i said the GPU is whats really gonig to hold me back in most games today that why i entered #AMDWishListEntry and hope to get

                  an R9 390