Sapphire 3GB 7950 Boost - Drivers Crash on games/test... tried multiple drivers

Discussion created by mattwilkinson165 on Nov 30, 2015
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I have recently put a sapphire boost 3gb 7950 card in my rig.

I installed the new AMD drivers, and a few seconds into a GPU test or a little longer into a game the drivers crash, sometimes they restart and I get the notification sometimes a totally black screen.



Now I have either used AMD uninstall utility, or uninstalled CCC in control centre and made sure no folders were left behind, rebooted and clean installed both the new drivers and older catalyst drivers at different times with no luck. I still have the same problem



Can anyone help?

Motherboard is an Asus P8B75M, 8GB Ram, i5-3470 CPU, 700w Corsair PSU


I will put my old GPU back in for now and make sure it's not the CPU or ram as I just moved it all over to a new case before i put it in