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Running MacPro (Early 2008) 32GB RAM with Radeon 5770 with Eizo ColorEdge CG223W, 2 x Apple 20" Cinema Displays – Can't get all 3 monitors to work, only 2.

Question asked by on Nov 30, 2015
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Basically I have been running two monitors for a while. The Eizo and one Apple screen. Setup is Eizo has DVI-D to Mini DisplayPort and the Apple screen is via DVI. I have an adaptor for the other screen but it doesn't register the 3rd screen. If I take out the Eizo the other screen works.


Another forum suggested the 5770 can't power three screens in which case the three ports seem odd?!


Anyone know if this is true or how I might get them all running.



I had read that I might get active adapters for the two Apple screens and use the DVI for the Eizo. Anyone know which adapters work. I'd like to confirm that before I buy any more. Or if another card is the only way I'd like that confirmed.


Help anyone?