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    Why hasn't raptr been removed from Crimson? (or integrated into it)


      Raptr is a buggy messy with ads that tries to make money off of its users. It does however, have a few useful functions, such as video recording of your games. I thought that the new Crimson suite meant that Raptr would either be completely removed or integrated into the new client. Neither one happened though, what was the point of making Crimson in the first place? Just to have a new fancy UI? Seems pointless to me. If anything, Crimson has done more harm than good.. with some people reporting fan speeds locked at 20% and having their GPU destroyed! Can you believe that?


      Anyway, I just wanted to say I'm disappointed in the direction that AMD has gone recently. :[

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          I don't believe that anyone alive has had his GPU fried by this--that's just typical reddit mush...;)  The GPUs are designed to shut down before they burn out...way, way before they are in danger of "burning out."  Still, I'm dead-set against removing the ability to change screen resolutions from the AMD drivers in WIndows (You can do much more with the driver-forced screen resolutions in Windows than you can with the Windows screen resolution interface--which is bare bones, and understandably bare bones--as Microsoft neither makes GPUs nor writes drivers for them).  And to think that AMD is dumbing down its drivers just to cover over the fact they are far better .Net programmers than they are QT programmers--for sure.  Screen resolution and refresh rate ought to be built into Game Profiles!  Never thought I 'd see them simply strip all of it completely out of the driver interface and say simply nothing about it at all as though it is an inconsequential change no one cares about or will notice!   Hopefully, by the feedback they've received they know better by now. I don't know what's getting into people lately. 

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