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When should we expect this "hotfix" for Crimson?

Question asked by sirmatthewofhodge on Nov 30, 2015
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     AMD mentioned on twitter that it's aware of gpu fans being stuck at 20% with crimson on twitter, and that they are planning on releasing a hotfix today. Thankfully, I didn't have this issue. Supposedly some folk's gpus fried. I'm not convinced, I was under the impression amd gpus start throttling to protect themselves @ 95c and shut off shortly higher than 100c. Regardless, I'm hoping for a fix to the fallout 4 compass/gta v map issue. I'm also hoping the battlefront issues are resolved.


     Can we expect a hotfix today, and when? Will it fix all aforementioned issues, or just the gpu killer bug?

Nvidia fanboys are having a field day with this, and I kind of want to hold on to my dignity as an amd fan.

They're putting out some really lovely fodder: SHOCKING interview with AMD about the Crimson drivers - YouTube

Let me know when I can remove my head from the sand.


with love,

     Sir Matthew