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Problem with my XFX R9 270

Question asked by propanehd on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by propanehd

I'm Vijay from India, I bought this card from a retail shop last year in the month of April. For the last 3 days I suffered from black vertical lines which came suddenly while I play CSGO. I checked temperature with MSI afterburner, it was coming around 65-70c. Yesterday I got a black screen, as usual I pressed the restart button, but it didn't let me in and it was in a boot loop, so I decided to go to safe mode uninstall the driver and reinstall it to see any difference but sadly no change, the same boot loop went on and on. Right now I have my GPU removed from my PC and i am using my internal graphics to run my PC which is horrible considering the fact that all the games that I have is High END.

I Can't come to solution because when I remove the driver through safe mode and I boot in to desktop it works but the AERO themes will be kept disabled. I downloaded the latest BETA driver and installed it, it gives me a boot loop. I am not sure what happened to the GPU, since this issue when I go to The BIOS i see random PINK horizontal lines. I think the problem is with the Driver, please look into this issue and help me out.

Any details required please ask me.

Also I have NOT OVERCLOCKED THIS GPU in my lifetime.


Please help me out.