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    Problem with my XFX R9 270


      I'm Vijay from India, I bought this card from a retail shop last year in the month of April. For the last 3 days I suffered from black vertical lines which came suddenly while I play CSGO. I checked temperature with MSI afterburner, it was coming around 65-70c. Yesterday I got a black screen, as usual I pressed the restart button, but it didn't let me in and it was in a boot loop, so I decided to go to safe mode uninstall the driver and reinstall it to see any difference but sadly no change, the same boot loop went on and on. Right now I have my GPU removed from my PC and i am using my internal graphics to run my PC which is horrible considering the fact that all the games that I have is High END.

      I Can't come to solution because when I remove the driver through safe mode and I boot in to desktop it works but the AERO themes will be kept disabled. I downloaded the latest BETA driver and installed it, it gives me a boot loop. I am not sure what happened to the GPU, since this issue when I go to The BIOS i see random PINK horizontal lines. I think the problem is with the Driver, please look into this issue and help me out.

      Any details required please ask me.

      Also I have NOT OVERCLOCKED THIS GPU in my lifetime.


      Please help me out.

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          Please ensure your Motherboard bios is up to date. Please provide your full system specifications and what Operating System you are using.


          How are you connecting the graphics card to the monitor? Can you use a different cable or connection?


          The driver is not loaded until Windows begins to boot, so i doubt it is causing those pink lines you see.


          I would try using Catalyst 15.7.1 driver and see how you get on.

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              My specs:

              AMD FX 4300

              MOBO : Asus M5A78L-M/USB3

              Corsair VS 550

              4gb x2 corsair vengeance 1600mhz

              Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

              I'm replying you through my phone, because I live in chennai, I am in a midst of a natural disaster. I can't answer all the questions but I will give my best.


              I am using a DVI cable to connect to the monitor, I am sure with the cable. I tried installing the latest catalyst driver, both the stable one and the beta,no change. I don't think I have updated the bios. I don't have electricity here, so I can't try out the solutions you give immediately.


              My motherboard has internal graphics I'm running my PC with that to surf the web,I don't see any pink lines in the BIOS when I'm connected via internal graphics.


              Hope that I've answered all the questions, the solutions you provide is much appreciated. Whatever the solution maybe do give them, I will try those and answer you.


              Thank you for your response.