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Sapphire R9 280X Vapor-X 3GB GPU and one Fan (Two Total) Dead after Crimson Update

Question asked by ddelamare on Nov 30, 2015

Dear AMD,


I am entering this request here as, coincidentally enough, your support ticket tool page is not loading and therefore i cannot create or track any issues i would like to raise.


After reading up on some tech news today, i came across an interesting article which helps to explain some issues that i am facing with one of two graphics cards over the last couple of days.

I initially believed that that there was some problem with my system as i was not able to boot my system after playing extensive gaming sessions since updating to your New Crimson Drivers.


This all makes sense now, however two days ago I had no idea what was going on.


What i noticed from yesterday, before even coming across the articles, was that i had to remove my main GPU (Crossfire Setup) altogether from my system, move the slave GPU into the x16 pcie slot and boot from that GPU.


Before removing the primary GPU, i had the machine powered on and was performing some visual checks on the inside of the machine. The computer would not post however it would switch on. What i have noticed visually is that one of the fans on the main GPU has seized. This is the fan which sits directly over the GPU. the secondary fan switches on however this does not fluctuate, the speed is constant and low rpm.


I have attempted to put this in as the secondary GPU once the system was booting however the card does not appear to do anything performance wise in Crossfire mode. The system sees the second card in the Crimson Software however when playing games in crossfire mode, i am getting heavily reduced FPS. This is around 20% less than having a single card.


My Conclusion is now that there was a problem with the newer drivers when using both cards in Crossfire, there was an issue with settings which forced the fan to slow or stop and then the component was essentially cooked and eventually gave out. It would appear that the GPU has ran so hot that the fan has eventually given out as the heat from the GPU block has fried the core on the fan. Since i cannot boot from that card, it is safe to assume that the components have been damaged due to the heat build coming from the slave GPU rising and completely cooking the primary GPU.


I have removed the card with the dead fan and will not re-introduce this back into my system as there is now risk to the safety of my machine and additional components.


Hopefully this can be resolved with immediate satisfaction.