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    290x cant install crimson.  Error when install starts


      After the errorit seems to go on like normal but when I'm done I have no proper drivers or control panel.


      I shut off av (defender) i ran as admin.  I used various cleaners.  Zero luck.  So now I can't play anything and Christmas is rolling around and my son is going to be awful sad.  If I try to install an older driver I get the same error now.

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          Please try disabling your internet connection and try using the latest version of the Crimson 15.11.1 Beta drivers, available here.


          If the issues persist, please report the issue here.

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              I ended up getting them installed by resetting windows 10 back to a default



              Well not entirely default.  What I always do with any PC is get a basic

              setup running and then image it so I can always restore to something that I

              know works without losing any files or programs.


              I spent many hours trying to diagnose the issue on the driver installer

              with no luck.  Even older versions of the drivers had the same error.  My

              best guess is that it was a Windows insider build issue.  I was using

              insider builds for a long time and then I took myself off them and it

              likely caused an issue somewhere that was effecting more than I could see.


              Thanks for the reply. Hopefully someone else gets some benefit from it.


              By the way these new drivers are excellent.  Performance has improved quite

              a bit.  I was running fallout 4 at 60 but it was highly unstable.  Now I'm

              locked at 60fps 90% of the time.  Just Cause 3 also runs at a nice stable

              60 at 1080p with all settings maxed.


              Great job team red!