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    AMD Eyefinity "issue".


      Hey guys so i finally got three monitors for use with eyefinity but the problem doesn't lie with them not working. What i want to do is have it so i can full screen my programs and tabs onto a single display but when i try to snap it to fit a single display it expands to all three monitors and it's kinda annoying. I am using an R9 390 with the latest crimson drivers and windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.

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          This is not possible with Eyefiniti alone, the way eyefinity works the system sees it as a single monitor. You need to use a program like GridMove - DonationCoder.com , this application will allow you split the screen into sections or rather a grid. You can define the sections and the areas of the screen to which they snap to. Mind you you still will not be able to snap full screen in the defined area you will only be able to resize the window to the said grid area. This is what I use, and although not perfect, it works for me. I can upload my grid profile a bit later, and you can start using it. I'm at work right now.