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AC:Syndicate not working in AMD R9 M265X

Question asked by vicky1111 on Nov 30, 2015

why is it that none of the assassins creed work flawlessly on AMD graphics ?. the major problems I'm facing are
1.low fps
2.texture error
3.train engine are invisible(including the first mission)
4.AMD is not detected rather it uses Intel


My amd card is not detected. it detects the intel one. And as soon as I start the game it says I've very old drivers and to update. I've tried everything ,latest intel drivers, crimson release. Also tried with beta(15.11.1) but none helped out. Do any one there has the same issue ? any solutions please. Also removing and reinstalling has caused one more problem that now I cannot close the lid of my lappy as then the laptop hangs.please someone help me out..............

here are some pics of the errors I'm facing/..........