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Crimson - Display driver 15.30.1025 causing "page fault in nonpaged area - atikmdag.sys" system crash...?

Question asked by gobonzo on Nov 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by gobonzo

since the initial download/install of the Crimson suite on the 25th it has caused this atikmdag.sys in nonpaged area crash over and over. starts with horizontal "static" lines randomly across the screen than blue screen with "page fault in nonpaged area - atikmdag.sys".


1st time was right after install: I ran Fallout 4 for a few hours and 10-15mins after exiting the game this started. restarted system 4-5 times and it continued within 1 minute of startup each time.

uninstalled whole package and system was fine. reinstalled package and it was fine for another 2 hours or so of use.


2nd time was yesterday: just regular web browsing and the lines and blue screen came again.

uninstalled just the display driver but left the Crimson software and it was fine again after restart.


3rd time was today: reinstalled the 15.30.1025 display driver and left system running with a couple downloads finishing up. within 30mins it happened again.

uninstalled display driver again and now it is fine again.


tried and the link for "Submit Online Form" just gives me page error over and over.

have submitted bug report through "Report A Driver Bug" link on


Windows 10 Pro x64

MSI Krait Z97

i7 4790K

DDR3 2400 2x 4GB

8GB 290X