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Third screen being disabled

Question asked by delryn on Nov 29, 2015

When I moved to Windows 10 with the Omega drivers, switching between two and three screens became a hassle. I had to go into CCC to enable the third monitor manually. Annoying, but it worked.


With the Crimson drivers, I have lost the ability to enable the third monitor. At least, I can't find it anywhere in the Crimson controls, nor the additional settings (former CCC).


Here's my hardware:

ASUS 1080p DVI - ACER 1440p DisplayPort - ASUS 1080p HDMI

2x R9 290X (all monitors are plugged into the same GPU)


Here's the behavior:

DVI and DP plugged in, left and center monitors are on.


DVI, DP, and HDMI plugged in, left screen turns off, center and right monitors are on.


How can I get the third display on? As far as I can tell from the multi-monitor FAQ, my setup should be kosher since I'm using a native DisplayPort connection. I have tried both DVI ports, but get the same behavior.


... OK, I see that DisplayFusion can enable the third monitor. How can I do that without using third party software?


Edit: Apparently it's a bug in Windows 10.…