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The new crimson driver: fps drops in several games - GPU clock problem

Question asked by wolandex on Nov 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by john007

Hi all, after several trial with the new crimson "driver" I still have the fps drop problem with several games (for example Fallout 4), but let me write what I've tried and found:


- I have a Sapphire R9 380 4GB video card with no issues before the crimson driver.. (CPU: FX 8350 + 8GB mem, but that's not the point I believe)

- reinstalling the driver (also with using the DDU tool in safe mode to have a clean reinstall) does not solve the problem, I tried it several times and ways (except that I didn't do a full and clean windows re-install... but come on, it should not be the only one way to have a new driver version...)

- the root cause of the fps drop is the lowering of the GPU core frequency under gaming for an unkown reason. (in my case the GPU core freq should be around 900Mhz, but it drops to about 400Mhz causing stuttering and a half-fps result, which is about 30fps finally. Sometimes it goes up to the "normal" frequency, but than goes back to the lower one resulting a terrible gaming experience..)

- I tried to force to keep the clock speed with MSI afterburner setting to disable the ULPS and fix the core voltage - but this one also not solve the problem.


Is there anyone having the same issue and knows a way to solve this?


Or do you know anything about AMD working on that fix?


best regards,