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Sapphire r9 390 Nitro VERY strange issue

Question asked by megahurts on Nov 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by megahurts

I have an unusual issue with my new Sapphire r9 390 Nitro graphics card. Unlike most people who experience random restarts while the card is under stress or while playing certain games etc. since I installed my card, the pc randomly restarts when i'm browsing certain websites (not all) or when certain programs are on screen.


It has never restarted while gaming for hours (Far Cry 4, Max Payne 3, Tomb Raider etc) at highest settings!

It has never restarted when stress testing with Heaven and Valley Benchmarks. The temps never go above 75C and all other components never over heat.

I don't know if this is a 2D issue because it never does it during intense use


Examples of when it restarts:


Will ALWAYS restart when I open Google Chrome

Restarded acouple times while scrolling through opitions in Catalyst Control Center

Restarts while viewing some web sites (Torrentz is a good example)

Has never restarted while on Youtube site for hours

Restarted while scrolling through options in AVG Tuneup Utilities

Had to uninstall Orbit Downloader because it will always restart when I try to select a location to save the download


If I have a very long download I would start Angry Birds and just leave it running on the first screen with the start button just to prevent the restart. (I tested this by leaving Angry Birds running for more than 24hrs with no restart>


The card I replaced was a Sapphire HD 6970 2GB and before I installed the new card I uninstalled Catalyst Manager in Control Panel then booted into safe mode and used DDU to clean everything AMD/ATI before installing new drivers.


I have tried many different drivers Catalyst drivers from 15.7 to present and even tried the XtremeG versions with the issue still there. I ran Memtest on my ram with no issues, my system ran perfect since 2011 until i installed this card.


There is never any error message or report in Event Log or Action Center,  I unchecked the Automatic restart to force a Blue Screen but nothing comes up on screen, the system restarts like a legit restart.


I really hope there is nothing wrong with the card because I do not live in the US and it would be difficult to return it to Newegg


Does anyone have similar issues and a possible fix?


BTW did the sfc scannow thingy in Safe Mode and there were problems that could not be repaired

Help! It just restarted while New Text Document window was on screen!


My specs:


Mobo Gigabyte GA-890FXA UD5 (rev 3.1) Bulldozer Edition

CPU: AMD FX 8350 @4.3Ghz

GPU: Sapphire r9 390 Nitro 8GB factort OC 1040Mhz 1500Mhz (with backplate)

RAM: Kingston HyperX *GB @1600Mhz

PSU: Corsair TX750 80 plus

Drives: Samsung EVO 840 SSD 250GB, 1TB Storage, 1 LG DVD, 1 LG Bluray Optical

OS: Windows 7 64 bit SP1