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    radeon HD 6310 windows 10 brightness



      I have a Radeon HD 6310 in a Lenovo G575 with Window 10 64 bit. I am not able to change the brightness.Neither with the Fn-buttons nor in windows settings. A workaround is to change the brightness in the bios, but you won't believe: I don't want to restart everytime the sourrounding light changes

      I tried different drivers: Catalyst-15.6-Beta, Catalyst-15.7.1, Catalyst-15.11.1Beta, Catalyst-Omega-14.12 (I think 15.7 and 15.11 had the same driver for this card)

      Mainly I tried the suggestions of this thread: AMD Display Driver issues for Windows 10 with Radeon HD 6000.


      Do you have other suggestions?

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          Have you tried using the AMD graphics drivers provided by Lenovo? Using those drivers should resolve the brightness issue. The generic drivers that AMD provides from our website are not customised for your system, so all functionality (including adjustable brightness) may not be available.


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              Thanks for your answer Matt,


              unfortunately there are only drivers for Windows 8 for this Laptop. The brightness problem started even in 8.1, when I remember it correctly.

              I tried them, too. But then I did not even have the right resolution as option. This works with the latest AMD drivers.