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    Installation of the new driver crashes my computer.




      So my problem is when i execute the .exe after downloading the new drivers, it just crashes my computer and i don't understand why.

      I'm trying to download the 89xx HD series drivers (http://support.amd.com/fr-fr/download/desktop?os=Windows+7+-+64 ) for windows 7 64bit since i have a 8970M.

      It crashes when i execute the 299MB Radeon Software. I already updated to 15.11.1 when it was in beta, but i suppose i have to re-download it now with all the new stuff.

      The thing is, when i use the "AMD Autodetect" it only recognizes my AMD 8650G (which is my integrated GPU i suppose). And at this point i don't even know if my computer is even using the 8970M.


      Thanks for your time,



        • Re: Installation of the new driver crashes my computer.

          Have you tried updating to our latest Crimson driver, please try using version 15.11.1 Beta to see if the same issue persists. You can download it here.


          Please scan and repair your Windows install for any errors or corrupt files, which could be causing issues. To do this on Windows 7, simply follow the guide on this link.


          Once that scan is complete it should inform you if any corrupt files were found on your system and the outcome. Next please head to Windows Update and ensure you’re checking for and installing all available updates, including non-critical and recommended updates. You may have to restart your computer several times and check for new updates upon reboot of your computer before it’s fully up to date. It’s crucial to have all the available Microsoft Net Framework packages and service packs installed to use the Catalyst Control Center. Once Windows confirms there are no more updates available, you can move on to the next part below.


          If the issue persists after installing the update, please report it here. I would recommend attempting to roll back your system to your last working Catalyst driver.


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