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AMD Crimson Black Screen (Intel iGPU the cause)

Question asked by xillius2000 on Nov 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2015 by xillius2000

I just downloaded AMD Crimson and my PC then refused to boot, just comes up with a black screen after the windows logo, so I went into safe mode and after messing around the way to fix it was to disable my iGPU in device manager (my bios doesn't allow me to disable the iGPU), so everything seemed to work good then so I removed AMD Crimson and went to install an older version however due to AMD Crimson causing issues, when I go to install any other AMD driver now it re-enables my iGPU again and the black screen comes back or the PC freezes on installing the driver as it switches back to the iGPU input once it re-enables it.....


Any updates on how to fix it fully or when a fix will be avaliable?


PS: Disabling the integrated graphics fixes the black screen at least (however no good if I cant install or update any drivers)