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Asrock 990FX EXTREME 9 problem with USB 2-3 drivers on dual boot.

Question asked by storm1978 on Nov 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by storm1978

Hello to you all. I own the above mentioned mobo together with an FX 8350. The rest of the setup it can found in the Red Team page were i shared my Rig.

My problem is a bit crazy. I've got dual boot with Win 7 Ultimate 64 on Sammy Pro 120gb and Win 10 Pro 64 on Sammy 840 Evo 128gb. When booting up i have to plug in the usb mouse and keyboard on usb2 in order to choose which OS to boot. usb3 won't wotk.

When win10 loads up thre's no usb3 connectivity (the drivers are installed-reinstalled and checked many times). The other way around, when win7 loads up, there's no usb2 connectivity!

I've formatted the 840 Pro, reinstalled Win7 but the problem persists.

Any suggestions before take it to RMA?