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      Avatar with slight upgrade from the original purchase specs. Not a custom, got it on Newegg a few years ago. Games pretty well but as the name states its slated to be replaced, soon I hope. And I know, shame on me for the Nvidia.






      CPUAMD FX-6100 3.3Mhz
      Cooler3 * 120mm case fans, stock CPU air
      MotherboardGA-78lmt-s2 rev 1
      Memory16GB Crucial DDR3 (667mhz)
      Graphics1x NVIDIA EVGA GeForce GTX 960 FTW Gaming ACX 2.0+ 4G
      Disc Drive 1HDD WD Blue 1TB
      Disc Drive 2
      Disc Drive 3
      PSUBlue Star 650W
      CaseCoolmaster Elite430 Black
      MonitorEmerson 39in LCD
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          I ain't gonna say shame on you cause of the 960 but cause of the Blue Star psu... Don't ever trust your pc to a noname psu. Don't just read how many watts it says but the overal quality, and i can't find any trustfull review about it. Hre's some comments about it at amazon : http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Star-4-pin-Power-Supply/product-reviews/B00295BULM

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              Those reviews are somewhat concerning. Although I have been running on this psu for four years now without any problems.

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                  Running on this psu for 4 years is even greater danger than being new. Every year psu's loosing roughly 10% of their power and yours isn't even good to start with.

                  Don't get me wrong, i'm not blaming you for getting it in the first place, my advice is though to get rid of it to something good.

                  PSU's are the no.1 part of every rig, it's their power source and noone should mess with power deliverance.

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                Like storm said, a cheap PSU is easily the fastest way to kill all your parts,k I would invest in a better PSU ASAP!


                I recommend Corsair and EVGA PSU's. I've found that the EVGA ones are cheaper and REALLY good.

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                  I like your orange LEDs.


                  Regarding the PSU, if it's served you this long odds are good it's on the way out anyways. For your next machine - or even this one - I'd suggest looking into buying one that's made by Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, EVGA (in that order). If you want/need to save a few bucks, give some serious consideration to anything that is recommended by JonnyGuru or Hardware Secrets.


                  You shouldn't need a lot of wattage either btw. It's far better to have a low wattage quality PSU than a high wattage POS any day. For your current build you shouldn't need more than a 450w unit. Check out Outervision's PSU calc if you're in doubt. :-)

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                      Even with EVGA, Corsair, etc you still need to do a little research. most companies have lower quality models that are ok, but not great... Corsair CX/CXM, EVGA nexb, Antec VP / VP w/P or F... all ok, just can be better.


                      if you go with Seasonic or XFX (which is seasonic with an xfx label) you will be getting a good PSU no matter what. Antec, you'll want an High Current,EDGE, Earthwatts, or Truepower. Corsair - AX/AXi, HXi, RMi , EVGA Supernova P2,G2,T2, GS or PS...


                      its not the Gold/Platinum etc rating that makes it good.. thats just the efficiency of power usage. its the quality of the parts inside.

                      DO NOT EVER CHEAP OUT ON A PSU!!!


                      this is the MOST important part of your computer!

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                          No offense intended here, but power supply elitism annoys me. Having a high end PSU with super strict voltage and ripple control isn't going to extend the lifespan of your hardware. It isn't going to make your computer perform any better either. As such I don't see any reason to break the budget on an elite unit. Buy what you can afford. If that's an Antec Basiq or Corsair VS sure it's not going to have all the bells and whistles of their more expensive units, but your computer isn't going to blow up, it isn't going to shorten the lifespan of your components and your computer certainly isn't going to perform any worse. I'll be the first person to tell you don't buy a POS power supply. But thinking that only a high end PSU will suffice is an absurd notion.

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                        She just needs to hang in there a little longer; Zen is coming! 

                        Anyways, my opinion on the PSU thing is somewhere between jamesc359 and the other posters.  On the one hand, if you've run on it for four years, it'll probably last till your upgrade.  On the other hand, I wouldn't recommend it at all if you didn't already have it.  I don't necessarily think it's going to kersplode tomorrow or anything, but I would make it a point to buy a better one when you do upgrade to new hardware, and not just due to reliability concerns- modular PSUs are a godsend. 

                        And while I would certainly not skimp on a PSU, I agree that you probably shouldn't go looking for the highest end one either. 

                        Anyways, buy what you can afford is good advice, as there are better PSUs in nearly every price range.