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Crimson Drivers application profiles/CF not working?

Question asked by deefop on Nov 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by deefop

It's odd, I had almost this exact same problem a few months ago with 15.7.1 but I think at that time it was because I had installed drivers on top of one another instead of doing it the right way.


So I uninstalled 15.7.1, loaded up safe mode and ran DDU to clean everything off. Then I installed the crimson drivers.  They installed just fine and ran just fine.  But the application profiles either aren't working OR there is something wrong with crossfire.  I could NOT get Crossfire to disable using the application profiles.  Every time CS:GO loaded up it was trying to run using both GPU's(which is bad for CS:GO).  I finally just disabled CF altogether through the old CCC interface that pops up(additional settings) and that worked HOWEVER in game CS:GO was stuttering/freezing every 5 seconds or so.  Very weird, very unplayable. 


So I did a total uninstall/wipe/reinstall again just to be safe, same issue.  Couldn't figure it out. 


Ultimately had to roll back to 15.7.1.  Anybody else have a similar experience and know how to beat it?  It's a little frustrating because a lot of new games have come out recently and it would be nice to have the latest optimized drivers.  But of course having CF working correctly is kind of a necessity.