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Poor Performance in Elite: Dangerous (especially in Supercruise)

Question asked by qwiddity on Nov 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by pye

In Windows 10, running AMD hardware, and latest Crimson drivers (beta 15.11.1), on an R9295x2 in resolution 2560x1440px, Elite: Dangerous turns into a slideshow. Especially if players engage Supercruise.


On my system, if I turn off frame-rate limiting, I see FPS counts as high as 200FPS before this poor performance issue kicks in. Before software updates, game updates, and the release of Windows 10, the game happily played at frame rates solidly much higher than my monitors refresh rate, which was lovely.


Sadly, it is no longer so lovely. It is terribly painful, and has stopped me playing a game I truly enjoy. This has been is a "known issue" for _MONTHS_, and is listed as issue:

  • [59475] Elite: Dangerous - poor performance may be experienced in SuperCruise mode under Windows® 10


Since Windows 10 was released and Frontier Developments rolled out version 1.4.1 of Elite: Dangerous this performance problem has plagued all users of AMD hardware with an impact so severe as to make the game largely unplayable.


NOTHING helps in terms of changing settings, it seems that there is something integral to the way Frontier Development's code, AMD's Crimson Drivers, and Windows 10 are interacting which is the root cause of this problem.


It's become utterly ridiculous the amount of time this has been on the "known issues" list, especially given the severity of the impact, and the ease of replication.


AMD simply MUST get around to fixing this with alacrity! If AMD can't get this under control, I and other AMD users, who've invested so much into this game will even begin to consider switching hardware companies so as to meet our performance requirements.


If AMD cannot fix the issue quickly, perhaps they could at least show enough courtesy to their community of users as to inform them why this problem has been allowed to persist for such a long time. Why has this not yet been fixed?