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Where the heck is the download link for crimson? and why can't I be allowed to redownload and install the failed drivers?

Question asked by giv.giv on Nov 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2015 by giv.giv

Every page says that this:Download Drivers is where I'm supposed to download crimson from. There is link to learn more about his thing, there is a video embedded, and a link below to youtube, but not a single link that would begin the download. If it was so buggy and terrible that you had to temporarily remove the option to download it, at least say that somewhere.


Yesterday I had used the auto detect utility to update my drivers. Along with that the adu showed a bunch of things it said were missing in my laptop, including crimson. I selected all and let it run. I think it first went with some .net visual basic thing, then it downloaded the graphic drivers, then it began with something related to audio, showed the message "failed to download". I tried exiting and rerunning the utility and it kept saying that I already have the latest drivers. I don't have crimson. I don't even have the catalyst control center, it disappeared some time ago. Don't tell me to uninstall everything from amd and try again. Why can't it just detect half of the software's that weren't downloaded and try to do that?