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Windows 7 with HD 7900 install manager wont install drivers and no log.

Question asked by teufelich79 on Nov 29, 2015

I am trying to update my drivers to crimson 15.11

I have a windows 7 (64bit) machine.

Single HD 7900 running at the moment.

Every time I run the install manager it fails to install drivers and software.  When I click on view log it does nothing.  Have manually searched for the log and again, nothing.

I have uninstalled using "amdcleanuputility", catalyst and the latest install manager.

I have tried in safe mode, which the response was "drivers not detected"

I have tried to activate the install app for the display driver and response "Needs install manager to operate."


I decided to try and revert to last driver set catalyst 15.7 with only the same results.