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After updating Crimson Edition 11/24/15, GPU HD 7870 died.

Question asked by mudroc on Nov 29, 2015

So, yesterday catalys CC sayd what he wants an update, I said SURE, get it. He downloaded it and started check something and BAM, computer shuted down. I thinked "that` ok, he is rebooting" but nope he wasn`t. I turned it on, bios loaded and then was time for windows, I saw only anomalies on a screen. In safe mod everything goes normally. I tried to do recovery but it doesn`t help me. I tryed to unistall video driver, it helped me for a while. In normal boot he automaticly install drivers and die. So after 6 hours of thinking I tried to reinstall windows 8.1. I done it but it doesnt helped me.

GPU: radeon 7870 HD 2gb pci-e 3.0 but in my motherboard is only pci-e 2.0, but yesterday everything worked properly.

So, what do you think about this situation? Maybe there is a solution? Today I will test my videocard on a other PC, resault I will write after some 7 hours after this writing.