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Where did my custom display profile shortcuts go after Crimson install?

Question asked by konkabass on Nov 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by noelc

I had 2 specific profiles I switched between many times daily. One is a profile that has my two desktop monitors active.
The other is a profile that switches to my TV so I can watch movies on the big screen


I don't need my TV to always have a desktop piped to it since it's off unless I'm watching media. Other wise you get annoying instances were windows appear off screen and it's a pain to wrangle them back to your screen.


With CCC, there were shortcuts I had placed in my start menu that WERE SUPER  HANDY for quick switching between these configurations.  With the shortcuts it was one click to switch things up. Now after installing Crimson, those shortcuts disappeared and I've dug through every AMD program folder I could in search of the profiles (which if memory serves right were in Program Files>AMD>CCC and then the shortcuts where in there somewhere)


AMD, Did you actually get rid of profile shortcuts and bury the custom profile configurations in "additional settings"?
Someone please tell me I'm missing something and I'm an idiot.
If they did, that's honestly like keeping the keys to your Ferrari in the crawlspace under your house. Why AMD, why?


They should re instate the shortcuts? or add them to context menu of the system tray icon? (they have graphics and video profiles, why not add "Display Profiles") . Do something, just make them easier/faster to access?
I can't be the only one that feels the same.