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AMD FirePro W600 fails to start one monitor

Question asked by rdpatt56 on Nov 28, 2015

I have an AMD FirePro W600, which supports 6 Display Port Monitors.  The card is great, but sometimes when workstation has been off for a while, one monitor will fail to Initialize at boot.

Reboot seems to be the only way to resolve the problem.  I have only had once or twice that the Reboot did not work.


Here are my Specs:

Dell XPS 8500

Win 7 Pro 64bit

Memory: 16Gb.

CPU: I7-3770 3.4 GHz

540 Watt Power Supply


Monitors are connected with an Adapter; Mini DP to Active DVI Dual Link Connector

The adapter receives power from USB Hub.  Hub is only for power to adapter.  All outlets are providing power.


Has anyone else had this problem.





Message was edited by: Rickey Patterson, Sorry had wrong Device Name and Number, is correct now.