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Sapphire HD 7870 series - Black screen during login windows 8.1

Question asked by checkraise on Nov 28, 2015

Hi all ,


Last Tuesday i was playing and suddenly my screen crashed (black screen and vertical lines). I tried to reboot but the screen stayed black after windows charging symbol (before login)


I tried multiple things :


- Tried the card on another computer, it did'nt work

- Tried to put another card (another AMD card) with crimson edition drivers on it on my computer, it worked.

- Tried to uninstall everything related to AMD (even did an entire reset of my computer and reinstall my system) it still doesn't work when I reinstall drivers (even older ones)


Right now, my card is working (I am using my computer right now, with my AMD HD 7870) but i didn't install any drivers (I used DDU to clear everything).




My graphic card is working (Im using it right now) without any drivers from AMD (it says it's using drivers from 2006) and if I try to install ANY DRIVERS from AMD (even older ones from last year etc) it will crash when I reboot or when installing drivers.


I know for a fact that crimson edition drivers are working on other graphic cards, but it seems the 7870 series are bugging hard since the patch.


If someone has a solution, I've seen other people (with the same card as i have) who have the same problem since the beginning of the week, see posts here : AMD Radeon HD 7870 Sapphire - Black screen after booting | TechPowerUp Forums


It seems new patch did cause it because several people having the same issue during lauch of this new patch is not a coincidence...So if it is a hardware issue I will move without any hesitation to Nvidia, cause this new patch would have destroyed our graphic cards.


Thanks for the help anyway, if anyone has a solution...

See you  !