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Radeon R 9 280 x works fine with standard vga driver, hangs with catalyst driver

Question asked by 1rev on Nov 28, 2015

Sapphire Radeon R9 280 X 3 GB works fine with the standard vga driver of Windows 7(non UEFI-System with a Gigabyte PCI E 1,0x System Mainboard) but it is not detected as an amd radeon card. If I delete the driver and manually try to install it from the system configuration, windows notes, that the best driver is installed and blocks any try to get the amd driver. If I install an older catalyst driver, like 13.11. the card is not detected and the driver is not installed. After installing crimson 15.09. it detects the card, and it is now in the systemconfiguration known as an radeon r 280 card, but after rebooting the system I get an blue screen after the windows start symbol and nothing but an system repair (back to old system point, before crimson installation) helps to get windows back?! I tried an bios update on my GPU but it failed, and I tried the switch on the card for dual bios, but doesn´t matter how often I used the switch nothing works as long I let windows use the standard vga driver. I can´t start skyrim because of uncompatility...!
Any suggestions or experiences that may help me to fix the problem?
I have a 700 Watt gold labeled power supply, no crossfire, and before an 4870 x2 running well!