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Streaming / Video encoding PC advice required!

Question asked by kagedgeek on Nov 28, 2015
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I'm a Star Citizen streamer on Twitch where I currently run a Intel i5 4690k, 16gb ram & GTX960 ( Kagedgeek's Hardware and Streaming setup | [REDACTED] )


But I am looking to make the switch to a FULL AMD set-up


I have used AMD for work and low end gaming for over 22 years and currently run 30+ pc's with a mixture of A8 6600 & 7600 at work to teach children coding and encourage STEM through gaming, but have no knowledge of AMD products when it comes to high end, CPU & GPU intensive gaming and streaming


please could I have some suggestions on builds? I have a maximum budget of £1700

I'm either looking for 2 PC's 1x 'gaming' and 1x 'streaming'or 1 powerhouse to do both at once


my current specs above struggle with streaming and playing Star Citizen with it maxing CPU usage on regular basis


I'm not looking to play the game at 4k but rather run it at  60 fps and possibly at 1080 however my stream is currently downscaled to 720 to help reduce transcoding and buffering at the viewers end


for this build I already have a Cooler Master PRO 5 case and so would be looking at specification to fit in this


many thanks