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my mid range rig

Question asked by arson0207 on Nov 28, 2015

So here is my build. It is Asus M5a97 evo r.20 motherboard with fx 6300 CPU with s stock cooler. Its is golden CPU for its price and even tho im hardcore gamer without a life this beautiful baby of CPU eats most games and runs them amazing. I also have 8GB 1866MHZ HYPERX FURY with a Asus r9 270OC GPU which is also amazing and i can play almost all games on ultra with it Also i have 1TB hdd Seagate barracuda. I think for the low price i have a pretty nice PC and i love it ! Its basic since i didnt have money to get better cooler or add more uprages but it works well for me and im happy with it Id take pictures but i really dont have a camera so here is a screen shot of it Thanks!