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AMD RADEON 8760 HD DDR5 Video display drivers needed

Question asked by bobbydodge on Nov 28, 2015

hello everyone and anyone who can perhaps help me find a solution to my ongoing dilemma HA!


I guess I will start from the beginning.... I have recently purchased a Desktop PC.... it is an ACER Predator AG3620-EB19. The PC. came equipped with an ACER ISIMB-AR

motherboard, i7 intel 3.4ghz CPU, 32gig ram, and an AMD Radeon HD 8760 /2gig DDR5 D / HDMI / DP (SS) video card.... with windows 8 and all drivers preinstalled from the store I purchased it from.... meaning it came with NO DISK for DRIVERS ......

so.... here is my problem .... the PC is running great and crapped out in the middle of gaming one day...decides it wont boot. Windows 8 was corrupted somehow and so bad it was stuck in a boot loop all I could do was go into bios.... couple of times it was able to begin a repair diagnostic but then at that time prompted me for disks (which I didn't have) so being a naturally handy I guy I decided screw it im going to reinstall windows.... and well im not much for windows 8 ... I prefer windows 7 . so mostly because I did not own a windows 8 disk I decide to wipe it clean and install windows7 64 bit ultimate version ... the whole time knowing I will need to reinstall all drivers for motherboard video etc... and figuring hey being its a new PC the hardware is current and will be supported from manufactures sites, I should  find all the drivers I need online after I perform the win7 install no biggie ... done it thousands of times...

    here is where the issue began... after performing install ... I was able to find all of the PROPER drivers I needed but for one exception.... the Radeon 8760 HD video card... for about a week or more I have downloaded everything available from AMD and ACER and many other 3rd party support sites... all with the same result.... I cant seem to find the proper driver or a driver the will work correctly.. everything I have downloaded gives me a black screen upon rebooting after driver is installed ... I then must reboot in safe mode and roll driver back to windows standard VGA display  adapter (which everyone knows my kickass gaming computer is no longer kickass without the proper display drivers  LOL) the majority of drivers I had found and tried to use listed as Radeon 7700 in the device manager (after rebooting to safe mode) but all give me no display after install and reboot..... AAAAAND...... when I downloaded the drivers they were listed on the support sites as for use with 8700 HD RADEON cards... perhaps im missing something or steps im not sure anymore but any and all help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated


again card is AMD RADEON HD 8760 DDR5  D / HDMI / DP (SS)

                     P/N is H88-3e243-101A8       A125100069783

there is also another P/N plastic fan shroud covering the heat sink P/N 7121A001H1G (215A1FX)