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Newest Crimson Drivers Result in Black Screen or System Lockup using Kodi - Thinking of Switching to Nvidia

Question asked by mwright on Nov 28, 2015
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Hello all.


I have been an avid AMD user and promoter for many years as I feel promoting a company that has offices in Toronto Ontario, close to where I live is the appropriate thing to do regardless of performance variations from one manufacturer to the next. I also have felt that AMD's price point has always been in a range that is more obtainable to the public in the higher end series of processors and graphics cards.


I currently am running an all AMD based system with an FX Series processor and two R9 270 Asus graphics cards running in crossfire.


Although I know crossfire is not for everyone and well working profiles are few and far between, I like playing around with it and this is not my issue.


My issue is the fact that when new drivers have been released as of late, certain simple functions of my computer have been broken in one way or another.


A few driver releases ago my 7.1 audio to my receiver lost support and I had to spend quite some time developing my own EDID override just to get back my dolby True-hd and DTS MA support for when I watch movies using the PC. An annoyance, but fixable with some time and research.


Now with the latest display driver versions including beta's higher then 15.7.1 my media center I use for my stored movies and music has lost all functionality from a display standpoint.


When I launch Kodi, everything is fine, and about a minute later I either get a black screen, and still have audio, or I get a complete system lockup that is unrecoverable even using CTRL+ALT+DEL.


Reverting back to old drivers resolves the issues.


I play alot of games on steam and origin, and I realize for up to date crossfire support and game optimizations I need to be running the latest drivers. There is no way I am about to install drivers to play a game, then uninstall them and install an older driver to watch a movie. I haven't found anyone else having similar problems, but I am getting to the point where playing around and tweaking things are no longer fun, but a massive time consuming frustrating event that I just simply no longer feel like doing.


Unless someone here can give me some sort of fix that is going to work, I am going to give up on AMD and switch to Nvidia, simply because friends with Nvidia setups never suffer from issues like this, and simply load games then play them. No hours upon hours of screwing with settings and profiles just to get the game to a playable state. Plus on their setups, the cards actually run regular programs, without crashes etc.


Here are the things I have tried so far to get Kodi working with the latest drivers.

-Switching graphics cards, top and bottom.

-Running one graphics card and pulling the other one completely out of the system, then even swapping the two when that didnt work.

-Reinstalling windows 10 fresh and then installing the latest drivers fresh

-Unplugging and disabling all USB devices with the exception of the keyboard and mouse.

-Running older and beta versions of Kodi with the latest drivers


NOTHING works. The latest drivers just dont work with Kodi, and as far as I am concerned thats a deal breaker for me.


I know I heard something somewhere about AMD adding HVEC codec support in the latest run of drivers, maybe that broke it.


It most certainly is a software driver related issue as older versions of the display driver work absolutely fine.


Long story short, and sorry about being long winded, but does anyone have a fix for this issue or is even aware of it, or is it simply time to dump AMD and jump into something like a GTX 970.


Thanks for any insight in advance.


Matt - Gamer / OR Movie watcher, depending on what driver version I install.