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    Help fps Black Ops 3?


      Hi everyone, i have installed Crimson for my R9 380 4GB and my fps fall from 75 to 38..

      Before, when i had Catalyst i haven't any problems. Why is this happening?


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          Hey tcoba


          Sorry to hear you're having issues in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 since updating to the Crimson drivers. Yet, there are actually other variables that are affecting your performance as well. Treyarch released a patch the day following the Crimson driver release, which was detrimental to all "high end" AMD GPU's (R9 270+) regardless of the driver being utilized, but this can be easily fixed by following the steps listed below.


          Note: Any others experiencing the same issue, this .ini is specifically tailored for the R9 380 4GB or above, since it was requested. If using a higher end card (R9 290, R9 290X, R9 390, R9 Fury, R9 nano, R9 FuryX) simply change the display and render resolution by ensuring virtual super resolution is enabled and setting both via the .ini in their respective locations below which are titled "Windows Size" and "Percentage scale". Ensure that whatever you opt to set these to, that they're realistic and within the resources you have available. Yet, most importantly, they must be set within the .ini so as to not affect any other changes you make within it.


          Crossfire users: For multi-gpu high end users (R9 290, R9 290X, R9 390, R9 Fury, R9 nano, R9 FuryX) searching for a base target display and render resolution. Set your display resolution (Window Size) to 3200x1800 and your render resolution (Percentage scale) to 110%. You can also make a specific change to "TextureQualityEffects" which will dramatically increase the visual clarity of many facets of the game environs without reducing performance. Note that if you decide to make said change, it must be set to "0" for the highest quality to be loaded. Remember that this is a baseline recommendation, but feel free to adjust accordingly based on the resources you have available. Yet, this should provide everyone with a satisfactory visual result.



          Let's begin


          1. You must do this first à  Revert back to the 15.11.1 beta drivers




          Otherwise your efforts may be for naught, if the launcher doesn’t automatically detect the correct driver which is being used. Within the .ini file contents I have specifically ensured the correct driver identification number is listed already. So no other changes will need to be made after you revert back to the 15.11.1 beta drivers and follow the steps exactly as listed below. If the results after making these changes are satisfactory, please make no graphics settings changes from within the .ini or in game graphics menu until Treyarch releases their next mass performance patch update.




          Once that step is complete, navigate to the Catalyst Control Center and under the "performance" tab, select Frame Rate target Control (FRTC). Once there, please set your target frame rate between 61-63 frames per second.


          Steam / File Explorer


          1. Navigate to your Steam library details view.
          2. Hover your mouse over Black Ops 3.
          3. Right Click.
          4. From the drop down menu, select properties.
          5. Now, select the local tab.
          6. Select Browse local files.
          7. Select the "Players" folder.
          8. Open the "Config.ini" file with notepad.
          9. Replace the contents with the following .ini contents, exactly as seen below. I have “optimized” the settings for your specific GPU for the highest quality to best performance ratio to the best of my abilities. Any deviation may provide unsatisfactory results.
          10. Paste.
          11. Save and exit notepad.
          12. Launch Black Ops 3.
          13. Do not change any of the settings from within the game menu, otherwise it may default back to it’s previous state.
          14. Remember that, once they release a true performance resolution, you may need delete your “config.ini” file for Treyarchs patch to take effect. If this is needed, worry not, simply delete the file and it will automatically be generated with their optimizations upon the next launch of the game.
          15. Also note that to receive the benefits of everything below, you must be in full screen mode (Which I ensure would be loaded automatically) and have nothing else running in the background aside from normal windows tasks. (Ex: No streams or anything else exceeding a total of 300-400MB of video ram, whatsoever.) Otherwise you will receive errors and the game may crash.


          9A) Copy everything below this sentence and replace the original contents. Start copying at the first dual forward slashes //







          //Frame rate cap (0 for none)

          MaxFPS = "60" // 0 to 1000


          //Show current framerate on screen

          DrawFPS = "0" // 0 or 1


          //Toggle framerate smoothing

          SmoothFramerate = "0" // 0 or 1


          //Horizontal field of view in degrees assuming 16:9 aspect ratio

          FOV = "80" // 65 to 120


          SplitscreenOrientation = "0" // 0 or 1


          //Enable network voice chat

          VoiceChat = "1" // 0 or 1


          //Enable occlusion of sound behind solid surfaces

          SoundOcclusion = "1" // 0 or 1


          //Mouse smoothing amount

          MouseFilter = "0" // 0 to 10


          MouseAcceleration = "0" // 0 to 1


          MouseSensitivity = "0.75" // 0.1 to 30


          //Mouse vertical sensitivity

          MouseVerticalSensitivity = "0.022" // -1 to 1


          //Enable vertical look with the mouse

          MouseVerticalLook = "1" // 0 or 1


          //Maximum number of simultaneous human corpses

          CorpseCount = "32" // 1 to 32


          //Number of frames the driver is allowed to enqueue, a lower value improves input latency but may decrease performance. Set it to 0 to use the system default, usually 3.

          MaxFrameLatency = "0" // 0 to 4


          //0 use two threads, one thread update frame N while the second render N-1. 1 concatenate update and render. 2 concatenate update render and frame presentation.

          // 0 is the default for the best performance, 1 and 2 improve latency but require a powerful CPU.

          SerializeRender = "0" // 0 to 2






          //Set to zero to force auto-detect to run at startup

          AutoDetectHasRun = "1" // 0 or 1


          //Clear to check driver against recommended

          LastDriverNvidia = "0" // 0 or bigger


          //Clear to check driver against recommended

          LastDriverAMD = "150201" // 0 or bigger


          //Fraction of video memory usage to target

          VideoMemory = "0.97" // 0.75 to 1






          // 0 - Windowed, 1 - Fullscreen, 2 - Fullscreen Window

          FullScreenMode = "1" // 0 to 2


          //Window X position

          WindowX = "3" // -8192 to 8192


          //Window Y position

          WindowY = "22" // -8192 to 8192


          WindowSize = "1920x1080" // any text


          RefreshRate = "60" // 1 to 240


          //Monitor index to use for fullscreen

          Monitor = "1" // 0 to 8


          //Vsync only applies in fullscreen

          Vsync = "1" // 0 or 1


          //Percentage of window resolution that the 3D scene renders at

          ResolutionPercent = "100" // 50 to 200


          //Color spaces for monitor output

          DisplayGamma = "sRGB" //  sRGB, rec.709, or rec.709 - Limited


          //Set to 3 to enable triple buffering, useful to prevent large framerate drops when vsync is enabled

          BackbufferCount = "2" // 2 to 3






          //LOD's to drop on models, lower numbers are higher quality

          MeshQuality = "0" // 0 to 2


          //0 - Force 2x anisotropic filtering, 1 - Per material, 2 - Force 16x anisotropic filtering

          TextureFilter = "2" // 0 to 2


          //Number of mips to drop on streamed textures, lower numbers are higher quality

          TextureQuality = "1" // 0 to 3


          //Number of mips to drop on effects and dynamic decals, lower numbers are higher quality

          TextureQualityFX = "1" // 0 to 15


          //Number of mips to drop on reflections, lower numbers are higher quality

          TextureQualityProbes = "0" // 0 to 16


          //Number of mips to drop on sun shadows, lower numbers are higher quality

          TextureQualityBakedSunShadows = "0" // 0 to 2


          //Force lowest mips to stay loaded instead of streaming

          TextureLowDetailResident = "0" // 0 or 1


          DisableDynamicLightShadows = "0" // 0 or 1


          DisableDynamicSunShadows = "0" // 0 or 1


          //Resolution of spot light shadows

          SpotShadowTextureSize = "2048" // 128 to 8192


          //Resolution of omni (point) light shadows

          OmniShadowTextureSize = "256" // 128 to 2048


          //Enable multi-sampled soft shadows

          ShadowFiltering = "1" // 0 or 1


          //Number of lights with otherwise static shadows to force characters shadows on

          ActorShadows = "4" // 0 to 16


          //Enable volumetric sun and light shafts

          VolumetricLightingEnabled = "1" // 0 or 1


          //Number of raymarch samples for sunlight

          VolumetricLightingMaxSunSamples = "40" // 1 to 256


          //Number of raymarch samples for local lights

          VolumetricLightingMaxLightSamples = "80" // 1 to 256


          //Skip every other sample if color is constant

          VolumetricLightingSkipSunSamples = "0" // 0 or 1


          //Skip every other sample if color is constant

          VolumetricLightingSkipLightSamples = "0" // 0 or 1


          //Enabled order-independent transparency

          OIT = "1" // 0 or 1


          //Maximum number of overlapping transparency layers

          OITLayers = "16" //  8, 9, 12, or 16


          //Screen-space ambient occlusion method

          SSAOTechnique = "GTAO Ultra Quality" // Disabled, HEMIAO, GTAO Low Quality, GTAO Medium Quality, GTAO High Quality, or GTAO Ultra Quality


          //Anti-aliasing technique

          AATechnique = "None" //  None, FXAA, SMAA 1x, Filmic SMAA 1x, SMAA T2x, or Filmic SMAA T2x


          //Per-object motion blur

          MotionBlur = "Off" //  Off, Auto, or On


          MotionBlurQuality = "Medium" //  Low, Medium, or High


          //Better lighting for skin

          SubsurfaceScattering = "1" // 0 or 1


          //If true, the game will switch back to fullscreen once it get back the focus after losing it on Alt+Tab or similar events. If false, the game stay window and can be switch back to fullscreen with Alt+Enter

          AutoRestoreFullscreen = "1" // 0 or 1


          //Set to 1 or 2 to display an ingame overlay of the frame performance over time.

            ShowPerformanceGraph = "0" // 0 to 16



          Note: At the text 0 to 16 above, your copying is complete. That is your copy end point.



          If you encounter any further issues, please respond within this thread and I will attempt to troubleshoot your issue further.


          AMD Community Thank You Template.png


          I hope this helps and have a nice day.

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              Hi, savagebeastzero

              Thanks for your solution but unfortunately my frame fall from 60 to 30..

              There is another solution or i remove Crimson and use Catalyst?


              Thanks for your effort

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                This was excellent, thanks very much.  Considerable change to BOps3, crashing stopped and held 60fps.


                Do you think it's still valid following Update 4?  I've noted that the game drops back to 30fps but if I boost jump it seems to jump back up to 60fps.


                I diff'd your recommended file and the new file and these were different:



                //Number of raymarch samples for local lights

                VolumetricLightingMaxLightSamples = "8" // 1 to 256


                //Skip every other sample if color is constant

                VolumetricLightingSkipLightSamples = "1" // 0 or 1


                Would these have a major impact?

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                    I would highly recommend you now utilize the most current Config.ini, that was released via the patch two days ago. This will eliminate any performance issues you've been experiencing. After the patch, the game now detects your Vram and changes your settings accordingly based on your resources for best performance. Now, I will warn you that, it most definitely won't be of highest visual quality that your system is capable of, but instead it will scale everything slightly lower than your system can handle.


                    Somewhat like a guaranteed safe mode so to speak. Note, that your settings will be limited in game to a set selection. There will be missing settings, but no worries that's how Treyarch is handling this at the moment due to concerns that users were experiencing issues. So they decided that this would be best until they can determine a better solution.


                    This in no way means that you are actually limited to whatever settings they "lock" in the menu for you. It simply means that you'll have to go into the Config.ini if you'd like to change anything for the immediate future. This will likely change soon, but I would recommend you just let the game set it and forget it, until they gather themselves over the next week or so. I'm sure they'll fine tune how the software detects user system configurations and it will eventually determine the perfect balance of visual quality and performance for all end users.


                    If by chance you're not satisfied with the visual quality, it considers correct for you system. Simply reply below with your config.ini and I will adjust it for you to more properly offer you a balance that you find satisfactory.


                    Anyways, have a great day and good luck. 

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