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    Firepro W5100 Monitor Flickering (Expecially on browser)


      Hi, i recently bought a firepro sapphire W5100 and installed it on my new workstation:

      - intel i7 4790

      - ssd samsung EVO

      - 2x8gb RAM ddr3

      - Win 10 64 bit

      - Monitor Dell u2515h connected by mDP-DP cable


      Sometimes I have a problem that usually begins surfing on internet with chrome or IE.

      The screen begins to flickering and after some minutes the problem get worse.

      The problem started in the first or second day of use, with installed Firepro Catalyst Version  15.20.1045.

      To try to solve the problem i tryed the normal Catalyst 15.7.1/15.20.1062 (for norma ATI graphic board) and seem to be better (in 3-4 weeks I had few little flash random, with a very low frequency).

      Last week  I tryed to reinstall Firepro CAtalyst Version 15.20.1045 and the problem reappeared today.


      Does anyone have my same problem with firepro? Why the problem is bigger with firepro driver version? What do you suggest me to do?


      I have also other videos of the problem but i don't know how to upload them.

      Thank you very much


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          I've just installed new Catalyst Pro 15.201.2401.

          I hope this could solve the problem. I'll tell to you in the next days.

          In the meanwhile if someone want to help me or give me some suggestion I thank him very much..

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            The issue is definitely related to The specified item was not found. and has been around for a long time. If you were thinking about getting a second display this might be a good time and might solve the issue.


            I myself found another way around the issue since I already have a 21:9 screen and don't really have space for anything else left on my desk. What I do have is an old Apple active miniDP to VGA adaptor (like this one), which I plugged into my W4100 (just the adaptor itself, nothing else). Now Windows detects another display connected (shows up as Generic Non-PnP Monitor in Device Manager) and the flicker is gone. I am guessing the effect is related to the adaptor being active.

            The bottom line is W4100 is a great product for me, but AMD software is a joke.

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              I'm having a very similar problem with the following setup, although it is much more intermittent


              ATI FirePro w5100 card

              Dell UP2715k monitor

              Dual DP1.2 cables provided by Dell


              I only seem to experience the issue when i set the display resolution to 2560x1440. I haven't tried other resolutions extensively.


              The monitor works FLAWLESSLY in 5k mode. This mode requires much higher bandwidth than 4k mode so i'm doubtful the problem is cabling as others have suggested.


              The problem for me is extremely intermittent. This morning when i turned on the monitor it happened for almost an entire 2 minutes. Several hours later it has only happened once or twice, sporadically for a few minutes. I tend to notice it happening more when the screen is being re-drawn, and especially in browser sessions as others have mentioned. However it will happen when i'm in a static screen typing an email or editing a word document (for example).


              I currently have both DP1.2 ports plugged in even when i'm running in 2560x1440 mode. Others have suggested plugging a second device into the card as a workaround. I think i meet that criteria since the display card recognizes TWO monitors attached (this is how the 5k monitor works). However i still get the flickering from time to time. Any word from AMD on updated drivers? I haven't yet tried to roll them back to an earlier version (or completely disable them and use stock windows drivers)