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Problems after instal new Crimson update

Question asked by gfessu on Nov 28, 2015

Hello all. I've recently upgrade my PC in both ways, hardware and software. Machine specs are: Intel i7 3.o7ghz lga 1366, graphic card Gygabite r9 380 G1 gaming 4GB OC, 8GB RAM, MB P6X58D-E, HDD 2TB 7200rpm sata 3, Zalman fx100 fanless cooler, Power suply NOX Urano 1050 watts. Ugrade also software into new windows 10 pro X64 from windows 7 ultimate.

Problem is after instal the new Crimson update (15.30.1025) My game (warface) get's little freezes wille I'm playing. I already try to OC the graphics but it get's worst freezes start to be bigger and more often. I uninstall the new Crimson software and came back to Catalist control center again and game works fine even not doing any OC on the graphics. Also Crimson update works fine in all things on windos 10 except warface. Any ideas?