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Problem driver 15.11, when monitor is turned off/on image is unreadable

Question asked by clemenslinders on Nov 28, 2015



Yesterday my computer installed a new update of the driver for the VGA-card.


And now I have a problem, that I did not have before and the problem appeared instantly after the update was installed.



When I turn off my monitor and turn it back on again (regardless of the time the monitor is off, is short or long), the image is unreadable.

It appears as if it is set in a resolution that is not supported bij my monitor. I have a black beam on top and on the bottom and I simply cannot read anything on screen, everything is still reckognizable, but it simply is unreadable. So I cannot even tell you to what resolution it tries to set my monitor.


When my computer installed the update, I was ready to go somewhere. So when the update was ready. I immediately turned my monitor off (left my computer on), than I realized that I had forgotten something and turned the monitor on again. And that was the first time the problem appeared. So I am quite sure that the problem is in the update.


Technical data:

Software version readeon: 15.11

AMD-R7-200serie 2Gb

Windows 10 64-bit 16Gb

I7 5820K

Radeon Settings Version: 2015.1118.123.2413

Driver Packaging Version: 15.30.1025-151117a-296567C

Monitor: iiYama XB2776QS resolution 2560 x 1440



What helps:

If I turn my monitor off/on for about 10 or 20 times, than at some point the image is back to the correct resolution.

If I turn the computer off/on than it boots in the correct resolution.


PS each time I turn the monitor off (when the computer is on) the problem occurs.


But you may imagine that this is quite inconvenient, so I hope that you have a solution for me.


What should I do? Can I download an older version (if so where can I find this)

Will you have an update (with this problem fixed) within a relative short period?




I hope to hear from you.




Kind regards,




Clemens Linders