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How to run OpenCL on ubuntu 14.04 with 2xGPUs Radeon HD 6990 in headless (non-X) mode over ssh? (fglrx-core_15.300)

Question asked by fossil on Nov 27, 2015

Dear friends,


I have Phenom x4 965 with 2xGPU 2 head Radeon HD6990

ubuntu 14.04.3.

When I tried clinfo first time after local login and it show 5 devices (1 CPU and 4 GPUs).

amdconfig says, that "No supported adapters detected"

amdcccl shows 4 GPUs and Xorg.log also detected properly 4 cards and created /dev/ati/card[0123]

then I tried instructions from here
Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 - Enable OpenCL with headless/ssh with few easy steps...

and clinfo returned 3 devices after ssh login.

Then I tried clinfo locally, but it still return only 3 devices (1CPU+2GPUs).

After I returned configuration back and reboot, clinfo still reporting only 3 devices and amdcccl shows 4 GPUs.

How I can get rid of this troubles and perform make clBLAS using all 4GPUs remotely over ssh?


Best regards,