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    Display adapters fail on Windows 10 built 10586


      Hello. I've updated Windows 10 to 10586 recently, and now Windows goes black. The OS uses the basic MS display adapter, even though it sees the integrated graphics ATI Radeon HD 3200 one and the PCIE one AMD Radeon R5 200 series. There is basically no way to use any of them. The only thing I see every time I use the PCIE card is all black after seeing the Wndows 10 logo and the white loading icon. I have tried the last three versions of AMD Catalyst, including the beta one. I have tried the last driver update of the PCIE card without Catalyst, downloaded from Windows Update, and this still fails. I have not had display adapter problems with W10 ever since the first built was made available to Insiders. The last two W10 have failed me. Also, W10 sees my monitor as a generic PnP monitor one and not as a Samsung Syncmaster P2459H one. MS has failed to help me via Twitter and its support forum. Any advice would be helpful. Catalyst fails. What is worst: I can not change display to 1080p.

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          I removed all Catalyst stuff, did reset the PC, let W10 install the driver for the PCIE card (after uninstalling even the onboard card drivers), tell BIOS to check the PCIE (for PEG) to restart, plug the VGA cable to the PCIE card, and it still shows the Windows 10 logo first with the Loading icon, then it goes all, black, and then back to the icons, and then it is all black even after 10 minutes. At least the monitor is recognized by W10 as a Samsung one at least.