AMD upgrade knocks out all my displays

Discussion created by on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2015 by cawanga

When I turned on the computer a few hours ago, a window from AMD appeared, ready to install an upgrade.  I installed it and when it finished, it had knocked out two of the 4 monitors I have.  I clicked on all of the buttons in the new streamlined window of AMD, but not one worked.  In fact, the Windows 10 start button and task bar were nowhere to be seen.  The mouse and keyboard worked, but not with the AMD window, which was all that was accessible.  The only way I could restart was with the on-off button.  On restarting, all four monitors were now black, and nothing I've done has got me beyond that.  I have two XFX R9 280X Radeon cards, Crossfire disabled.  This is my first post, but until TS is available, has anyone else had the same experience, or know how to overcome this latest extended halt to the quick way of doing things?